9 fun games and activities to do with friends on Zoom or Google Hangouts

In the constant search for social interaction and fun during isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic,

people have taken to video conferencing to catch up and have fun.

Here are some Ideas for games and Things to do Live

1. Jackbox Games 

We’ve been over this one. If someone has purchased Jackbox, he or she can share their screen and allow others to remotely log in to play. As long as everyone can see the screen, they can use their phones to play along. 

2. Charades 

An easy one with people on camera. 

3. Crossword puzzles 

They should take no time at all!

4. Watching television together 

I just got invited to my first Netflix party using, well, Netflix Party (which is a Google Chrome extension that allows people to watch a show/movie at the same time with a chat attached). 

5. A talent show 

Shout-out to my family for suggesting this one for our next big call. 

6. Karaoke 

Obviously! LOL

7. Pictionary 

H/T to Elite Daily for this idea. You can use a Zoom whiteboard for it: 

To use Zoom’s whiteboard, you’ll want to click the share screen button located in your meeting toolbar, select the whiteboard, and click share. You should then see annotation tools that will let you use your mouse to draw as you would for Pictionary. You can take turns sharing the screen’s whiteboard depending on who’s turn it is, and you can put some in charge of keeping time for the person who is drawing. 

8. Yoga 

Have one person share screen on a YouTube class, and there you have it. 

9. Trivia 

There’ this Random Trivia Generator that will help.