Looking to stay connected while the world practices social distancing? Our virtual parties can help, whether you’re looking to get the girls together for wine and Netflix after a day working from home (while attempting to homeschool) or you want to keep things as normal as possible as you celebrate a big birthday. Once you settle on the perfect party, we have a virtual party invitation for any vibe.


Virtual kids’ birthday parties 

For a small family gathering, set a time to dial up the grandparents and cousins and sing “happy birthday” together while the birthday kiddo opens presents. 

Keep kids connected to their classmates with a virtual class birthday hangout. Ask mini guests to come prepared to tell a silly joke, or ask them to share a favorite song when they RSVP so you can create a short playlist for a group dance party. Start the virtual parties early (and keep kids entertained) with a pre-party the day before to decorate DIY paper party hats or birthday cards.

Virtual first birthday parties

We could all use a dose of cute babies right now. After a video chat and some sweet baby moves, sync up and watch a movie during naptime. Ask grandparents or family members that might not be able to travel to read their birthday cards aloud to the birthday kiddo and record it for them to have as a digital keepsake. 

Virtual birthday parties (for your parents or grandparents) 

Get your martinis ready and jump on a call to wish grandma happy birthday. You might not have to try too hard to get her to share a few stories about her life while you’re a captive audience. For a small group, have each person ask about a particular time in their life. 

Virtual birthday parties (for your partner or best friend) 

As an alternative to casual drinks at the bar, have your group chat drop by the Zoom room. Toast to health, happiness, and making it through this year together. Add a cheeky note for guests to “BYO cake,” but make sure to order one or have one sent to the birthday honoree. 

Virtual birthday parties (for milestones like the big 3-0)

You only turn 30 once, and you can still host a memorable 30th birthday party virtually. Go with a theme like a decade, place, or favorite movie. Ask guests to get creative with their attire based on what they already have in their closet. Try a ‘90s party with a Clueless-inspired dress code and a playlist full of Pearl Jam and Spice Girls.


Virtual team drinks